Garden and green space design – focus: greenkeeping

Lehrzeit in Jahren: 3

Schulungsbestimmungen: II 192/2010

Prüfungsordnung: II 192/2010


  1. Execution of orders for raw and auxiliary materials for the production of bread, pastries and pastries (pastries),
  2. Selection, acceptance and testing for usability and storage of raw and auxiliary materials,
  3. Measuring and weighing raw and auxiliary materials according to recipes,
  4. Cleaning, maintenance and preparation of the devices, apparatus and machines used in the bakery such as scales, kneaders, mixers, grinders, ovens, baking devices, steam chambers, proofing systems, bread and bread systems, cooling and freezing systems,
  5. Producing and processing ( for example, pressing, grinding, contraction, bread-operation) of doughs for the mechanical shaping and for the hand-shaping,
  6. Controlling and monitoring the fermentation process, dough loosening and dough resting,
  7. Mechanical shaping and hand-shaping of bread, pastries and pastries (pastries),
  8. Manufacture and preparation of coatings and fillings as well as filling, spreading, glazing and sugaring of fine baked goods (pastries),
  9. Baking bread, pastries and pastries (pastries),
  10. Storage, cooling and freezing of baked products,
  11. Execution of work taking into account the relevant safety regulations, hygiene regulations, norms and environmental standards.

Quelle: Wirtschaftskammer Österreich