Bicycle mechatronics (AV)

Lehrzeit in Jahren: 3

Schulungsbestimmungen: II 193/2019

Prüfungsordnung: II 193/2019


Maintenance and servicing of bicycles and similar driving devices ( e.g. scooters, e-scooters, longboards, hover boards, segways ) and individual assemblies ( e.g. lighting systems, frames, braking systems, circuits , etc. ) and their accessories
Adapting bicycles and similar driving devices to customer requirements and ergonomic requirements
Checking bicycle components, especially bicycle tires
Checking, disassembling and assembling individual assemblies such as lighting systems, brake systems, circuits, dampers and suspension forks as well as assembling bicycles and similar driving devices from components
Removal, installation and testing of mechanical, electrical, electronic or hydraulic components
Finding, analyzing and correcting faults on bicycles and similar driving devices or bicycle components
Carrying out testing, expansion, assembly, repair and maintenance work on additional drives such as electric motors and power transmission devices as well as on electrical and electronic systems of bicycles and similar driving devices
Informing and advising customers, for example, about brake systems, gearshifts, tires, care and maintenance of bicycles and similar driving devices , etc., and offering additional services
Reading and applying technical documents and defining working methods and processes using quality management systems
Execution of the work taking into account the relevant safety and environmental standards

Quelle: Wirtschaftskammer Österreich